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About Us


Moving Anthropology Social Network is an international network gathering students and graduates of different faculties of social science, which are interested in anthropological issues. The network connects mainly students, among them those who are finishing their studies and are not necessarily going to continue formal education on a Ph.D. or postgraduate studies but are still in touch with anthropological or social issues and are willing to bring to life and participate in anthropological projects, create a platform to join scientific activity, research and extra-universitary social involvement.

Please check international MASN webpage on

Polish MASN section successfully organized in 2007 the 3rd MASN conference in Łopuszna and now is strongly devoted to organization of the 7th MASN conference in Krzyżowa.


Some words about Polish MASN team

We are students and graduates of sociology, anthropology or ethnology. We come from different places in Poland. What we have in common is our deep fascination with anthropological perspective of humanities. The iniciative which led to the origin of MASN two years ago, has been supported by us. We have joined the project and we are still in. We are here to grow up acting and having fun at the same time.

Here are some of us and we invite you to join us!


Weronika Adamiec,

Monika Fiodorów,

Monika Linca,

Magdalena Olszewska

Justyna Owczarek

Joanna Pilch,

Ewa Polak,

Blanka Rzewuska

Sylwia Śmietańska,

Ula Tabiszewska,

Artur Wieczorek, arturwieczorek[at]

Piotr Żulikowski