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Here it is! Full conference program!

You can download it as well as a .doc file form Download section.





„Anthropology of development“


„Fielwork dillemas“


„Human rights - relativity and universalism of Categories



Morning sessions

9:45 – 14:00







Development Studies and Anthropology of Development.

Silvija Juraić

When national discourse fails to include the local one: researching collective post-war memory in Cieszyn Silesia.

Piotr Marzec, Joanna Pilch

FGC/FGM (female genital cutting/female genital mutilation) between universalism and cultural relativism. Inquiry into a dialectical approach.

 Janne Mende 

Network session


What an economist can teach anthropologists.

 Karol Osłowski

Ethnographer and "his" people - how to represent without otherizing,
help without patronizing?
Fieldwork in impoverished district in Łódź

Hanna Gospodarczyk

(Too) Zeal for Multiculturalism? - example of multicultural educational actions taken in Poland.

Joanna Paliwoda-Szubanska


coffe break

coffe break

coffe break


Stringing Beads - Routing Crystals. Systems of Exchange in a NGO - business partnership.

Andreas Streinzer

„It was the best I could do, wasn’t it? Do you think I was right?” Are we allowed to judge Them and Their actions inside Their world?

Piotr Wójcik

Human rights: Denied asylum right. A fieldwork in Turin, Italy, 2008 and 2009.

Brigida Orria



Is the other world possible? Alternative ideas for development – conclusions from the study of contemporary German communes.

Natalia Kryt

“To talk or not to talk. That is the question.” Limitation of the dialogue, when anthropology can hurt.

Ewa Polak

Tibetan Diaspora. 

Claudio Milano


lunch break

lunch break

lunch break


Afternoon sessions – papers, discussions and workshops

15:30 -17:30

Arrival of partici pants

Ethics in media and humanitarian aid – anthropological view on Haiti.

Joanna Kucharczyk 

The Use of Stereotypical Images of Africa in Fund-raising Campaigns 

Polona Sitar and Maja Dolinar

Understanding as a respect towards otherness.

Dominik Rogóż

Invisible cohabitants: 'Romanys’ culture in Hungary.

Izabela Bukalska


Reviving Universalism – Seyla Benhabib's Project of Interactive Universalism.

Tomasz Jarymowicz


Anthropologist experiencing the state. Fieldwork, misunderstanding, accusation and methodological differences.

Ignacy Jóźwiak



W: Robespierre, Marx, Žižek. Virtue/terror politics and the (re)invention of corrupted, eurocentric, and colonial knowledge.

 Miha Zadnikar

D: Orthodox tradition and human rights – co-operation between morality and individuality.

 Boryana Ivanova Raynova


D: What does an ethnographer do (for the interlocutor)?

Bartłomiej Chromik 


D: Concept of development: perspective from a developing country (Pakistan).

 Rao Nadeem Alam

The Equality of Rights in Social and Cultural Context in Delhi.

Anna Romanowicz








Warm welcome

Film „Bnei Brak”.

 Piotr Łukasz


Miracle and Faith: Experiences and conflicts in the field in South Central Bulgaria.

Soboda Stoeva

Integration evening.